Do you wish to make a street-marketing operation? To attract the attention of your target with a mobile installation? To present your new products via an attracting pop-up store?

We have the solution ! For 10 years we have been specialising in the conception and creation of street-marketing events. Our team offers to make your concept made-to-measure. Our designers imagine innovative structures, embodying your brand. According to the timing of the event, its location and mobility, we find the technical solutions to set up your project. We ensure the creation of all the elements in order to propose a fully personalised concept.

Whether your event happens indoors or outdoors, we handle the entire logistics. If your event is bound to move, we handle the coordination. We offer solutions of transportation, storage, assembly and coordination. Your business manager remains at your side during the whole tour of your event. Our experience allows us to offer a project that meets your expectations according to the objectives that you wished to reach.

Your street-marketing operation