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Why should you participate in a trade show?

  • To canvass clients

The strategy of a trade show is based on an active commercial strategy. The development of new technologies led companies to seek for direct contact with their potential customers. Trade shows are a good way to achieve this purpose. The visitors are qualified and already interested in the services presented. This is an ideal opportunity to create a database of qualified potential customers.

  • To increase sales

Many exhibitors propose “special exhibition” offers. This way, they can sell their products directly on the premises. Trade shows allow exhibitors to reach a target outside their usual geographical area. We should note that the increase in sales continues after the show closes. Return on investment is inherent in a company’s participation. In 2016, the average ROI of an exhibition was estimated at 8. This proves that the trade show remains a good commercial tool.

  • To increase positive visibility

For some exhibitors, participation in an exhibition is exclusively in order to promote their brand image. Their logic is quite simple: to occupy the field at events important to the profession against the competitors. Nevertheless, in most cases, we find a dual objective of outreach & increased sales.

In both cases, the exhibition booth layout plays a key role in the visitor’s perception of the brand. This reflects the company’s health, philosophy & codes. This is why many exhibitors turn to tailor-made stands, which have the merit of ensuring a good image for the brand.

  • To create customer loyalty

Exhibitions are also a good way for the company to build customer loyalty. Usually, this involves inviting them to the event to meet them & develop a direct business relationship. During trade shows you can also present your new products or services to them live.