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Yellow for a sunny decoration


Forget the Stabilo complex, yellow now adorns our spaces!

As a true chameleon, yellow allows all sorts of decorative styles! Depending on the combination, it can provide smooth or radical decoration. This colour may sound like a scary proposition at first, but make no mistake, it brims with advantages: With its brightness and modernity, it helps structure a location, making it seem larger. The bravest will adopt it for a wall, while the more conservative will opt for lemon-yellow furniture to make the room pop.

No matter what you choose, this colour will add personality to your space!

Yellow and industrial style

Stand d'exposition pour le salon CEMAT

For Itoh Denki’s stand, we used a canary shade of yellow. To alleviate any sense of cacophony, we combined it with a polar white that softens the stand’s overall harmony. Yellow is used in little touches to structure the 5m-high arches and mark out the conversation area, using a flattint on the floor.

This colour gives the stand a serious radiance boost!

A duo that is a real eye catcher

Stand d'exposition pour le salon SIEC

The JMP stand boasts a sharp yellow colouring, emphasised by a deep black. We imagined a stand that would use the logo’s colours. A risky gamble given the contrasting colour palette. The harmony resides in the composition choices of this total look. Each element has been carefully placed to provide symmetry to the whole. The wooden floor brings a touch of warmth to the space.

The combination of black and yellow creates a one of a kind graphic and contemporary world.

A bright layout

Aménagement de la conciergerie Winterthur

We’ve organised the layout of Tour Winterthur’s concierge service to provide employees with a bright and colourful place. In this space dedicated to wellness, the goal was to create a soothing and lively space. To create this atmosphere, we used yellow shading.

This colour is often not recommended in resting areas, but that’s discounting mustard yellow! Its soft tones, combined with lightwood, create a warm and cosy space. We used this combination in the concierge service’s care area to create a cocooning atmosphere, ideal for body relaxation.

The aesthetic space is more dynamic thanks to contrasting furniture. The yellow work surface is complemented by same-coloured chairs to light up the grey cement floor.

Mustard yellow and lightwood for a relaxing atmosphere.

A bright sunny space

Stand d'exposition Liberty

When the company Liberty entrusted us with the design of their stand, we decided to pay tribute to the Rencontres AMRAE host city: Marseilles.

We used the city’s codes to create a warm and resolutely Provençal space. A boules area, a bar and blue shutters, every detail is reminiscent of beautiful sunny days in the South of France. The main element of this pretty composition is the central wall, painted in saffron yellow. As a call back to the city of Marseilles, we combined this colour with ochre and red tones to create the desired Provençal style.

This combination of characteristic warm colours illuminates the space.



To celebrate the arrival of sunny days, we’ve concocted an article on the colour of sunshine!

With us, no longer fear the Stabilo complex, let’s dream of a WARM layout!