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WENES STAND, design office specialized in stand design


WENES STAND, the firm specialised in exhibition stand design

After 10 years of existence, WENES STAND is now a key player in the world of exhibition stands. The group continues to rise, thanks to the support of its cheerful team.

Far from prejudices, the path of Charline Prunier, founder of the firm WENES STAND, is a great French success story. In 2007, at just 23 years old, she created the agency WENES STAND. From then on, this young woman embarked on an adventure that seems set to continue!

Historically based in Paris, the group opened a second agency in Lyon in 2012 under the initiative of its founder. Then for the group’s 10-year anniversary, a third one was opened in 2017 in Nantes.

Always attentive to their customers, whose needs have shaped the group.

The desire to place the clients’ needs at the core of our construction has influenced the way the group has evolved.

Historically dedicated to the creation of bespoke stands, the rise of new needs for their clients has led WENES GROUP to create two entities: WENES EVENT & WENES AGENCEMENT

Each in their own way, these two entities provide solutions when developing a corporate identity. WENES AGENCEMENT is dedicated to the creation of showrooms, offices, concierge services and business corners. WENES EVENT specialises in the development of structures intended for street-marketing operations (pop-up stores, road-shows, outdoor stands).

Creating dedicated brands, against the sector’s conventions, has proved successful! In 10 years of existence, the group ranks at the top of French agencies, with revenues of €5.2 million in 2017.

Agility is WENES STAND’s trademark.

Throughout the years, the group has managed to retain outstanding brands:

  • Beko & Grundig in the appliance sector
  • Giraudi & French label Pays d’Oc in the agribusiness
  • Insurance companies such as Allianz & Liberty

The wide range of clients from various fields can be explained by the agility demonstrated by the WENES team. The care given to understanding a company’s business sector and specific needs has helped the agency create innovative projects that perfectly meet exhibitors’ expectations. This bespoke approach is the group’s trademark.

In the last few years, objectives have evolved and needs related to exhibitions have multiplied. Always attentive to exhibitors, the agency has created a new service dedicated to all ancillary requirements: the 360° service.

Its goal? Provide a service that encapsulates satellite services specific to exhibitions, thus removing any constraint for the exhibitor.

This service ranges from managing exhibition invitations to the creation of stand animations or the organisation of post-exhibition cocktail parties.

Our agencies’ know-how is highly sought after abroad!

As a regular on international exhibitions, the agency supports its clients all around Europe. In Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, European exhibition centres have no more secrets for the WENES team! Two significant advantages for French exhibitors: convenient project management thanks to geographical proximity and a French spokesperson.

WENES STAND: the new generation of stand agencies.

Putting an emphasis on personality rather applicants’ background, Charline Prunier has built a strong and benevolent team genuinely committed to the agency’s success. The group’s success is largely based on its commitment to the well-being of its employees.

The employees’ average age is 30 years old, radically younger than the rest of the industry. And while the team may seem a bit blue, don’t let yourself be fooled by appearances! Their youth combines with tangible energy and frenzy that benefits exhibitors thanks to a young, modern and… feminine outlook.

In this male-dominated sector, the Parisian team has been a genuine precursor since its inception. To this day, the agency has remained particularly atypical, as 95% of its members are women. This feminine touch is now considered a strength in this field!