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Booth of march : the Anasen exhibition stand


CONTEXT: Anasen wishes to participate in the Big Data exhibition to gather the opinions of the professionals who will be there, about the Beta version of their software. This approach is part of a new business creation strategy: to collect user opinions before releasing them on the market. The objective is to learn from the experience of visitors in order to create an innovative software that fully meets the expectations of future users.

NEEDS: The company contacted us to create their custom-made exhibition booth. The spirit of this one had to be modern, in the image of the company. A problem quickly arose, though. For most cases, the booth is designed around the sale of a product or service, here the objective was different. We therefore designed the booth as an invitation to meetings. Its large space and demonstration stations allow professionals to be welcomed and introduced to the Beta version of the software.

EXHIBITION BOOTH: The total adhesive covering immerses us in Anasen’s universe for a remarkable effect. Its screen wall composed of 9 46-inch screens dresses up the space & brings the exhibition stand to life.

 ITS LITTLE EXTRA: Its self-supporting false ceiling, a true technical achievement.

THE CLIENT’S OPINION: “We only got good feedback about the exhibition booth. Several exhibitors came to congratulate us on its beauty, especially due to the quality of its finishes. Our relationship with our account manager Audrey went very well. The communication was fluid, and we did not encounter any logistics problems, the delivery was on time. I am very satisfied with this collaboration.” Mr. Nour Lake, Co-founder of Anasen.