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Exhibition stand builders in Paris
Our motto? Blending experience and freshness (and it works).

Your exhibition stand builders in Paris

Standiste Paris

Charline Prunier

WENES Paris is a design office based in Paris and created in 2007 by Charline Prunier. She decided to open her own exhibition company in Paris whereas she was only 23 years old. In a decade, the design office has become one of the top 15 exhibition companies in France.

How? By creating a unique working approach which mix flexibility and reactivity in the management of her projects. This success is also due to the company’s philosophy, which is based on 3 pillars: kindness, respect and trust. These values are used in daily customer relations.

Its uniqueness? An exclusively female workforce in a predominantly male world. Far from being an initial will, this particularity has become a strength over the years.

Where can you find us? Located in Alfortville, the offices are close to the main Parisian exhibition centres. Designer at heart, the team renovated an old jam pot factory, changing the space into bright 500 square meters offices. This provides an ideal working environment for the entire team.

The WENES Paris exhibition company is the first agency of the group. Then followed by the creation of the Lyon exhibition company & the Nantes exhibition company.

What exactly is an exhibition stand builder? He/she is a professional who uses your image and needs in order to create your custom made trade show stand. First, your needs are translated into design, then transformed into an exhibition stand that becomes the expansion of your brand image. Throughout this process – which can take from 1 to 6 months depending on the scope of your project – your account manager will support you until the day before the trade show opens. Then it’s up to you!

Why should you use a tailor-made exhibition stand? To boost your business! Give yourself every chance to make your exhibition booth the starting point for new professional opportunities! An exhibition stand is primarily a meeting place. Since nothing will ever replace human relationships, it is our priority.

When does your role stop? Our job is to design and build your trade show stand, but not just that! We provide you with a range of services to relieve you of all the concerns related to your trade show. How do we do it? Thanks to the 360-degree service! Whether you need a caterer, a hostess, or to transport your products on show: we take care of everything. You can go back to your usual business.