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Exhibition stand builders in Nantes
When work goes hand in hand with passion, the result is always a success.

Your exhibition stand builders in Nantes

Standiste Nantes

Philippe GICQUEL

The Nantes exhibition company opened in 2017 and is the group’s most recent one. Created by Philippe Gicquel, it was an immediate success, like the Paris exhibition company and the Lyon exhibition company.

This success is due to the policy of the Western France to become an attractive region for exhibitions. The number of exhibition centres is increasing. Many regional trade shows are emerging and a strong demand for local actors is emerging too. Thanks to its establishment in the region and the creation of a network of local suppliers, WENES Nantes supports the development of the Western France.

The Nantes team regularly performs in Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux, but also in emerging trade show cities such as Brest, Angers, Tour, Le Mans, Toulouse and Bayonne.

The agency’s offices can be found in the heart of Nantes, an ideal location, close to the region’s main exhibition centres. This location allows them to react quickly for your exhibition stands in Brittany.

Its involvement in the local economy has already attracted many companies. From now on, we will have to count on WENES Nantes! In just two years, the agency has grown closer to the biggest actors in the region.