How to make an exhibition stand ?


Stand promotionnel

Step 1 : definition of your needs

We identify your needs together, according to your objectives. After a first contact with one of our sales representative, we create your specification. We need to know your needs and expectations in order to optimise our offer. The design of your stand must fully answer your communication strategy.

Design Stand

Step 2 : Design of your stand

According to your specification, our designers create the layout of the stand. We turn your needs into an image. The strength of our designers is to create a stand that looks like you, in order to reach your objectives. We can afterwards work on the design to make it evolve, based on your remarks.

Stand evenementiel

Step 3 : Quote

Your business manager quantifies the elements (joinery, exhibition material, stand decoration, the lights, assembly, dismantling…) and submits a clear and detailed quote.


Stand exposition

Step 4 : project management

Once the design and quote are validated, your project manager takes care of the developpement of the project. He is the direct contact of the fair’s organisers and is also in charge of :

  • The selection of the materials
  • The blueprints
  • The electrical blueprints
  • The rent or purchase of the exhibition equipment (furniture, audiovisual media…).
  • The management of the technical elements (electrical box, cable slings) and creation of the blueprints.
  • The creation and printing of your visual elements (logo, text, image…).
Fabrication stand

Step 5 : Creation of the stand

From the blueprints, our carpenters make elements made-to-measure which make up your stand (bulkheads, podiums, high sign, arch etc…). During this crucial step, we strongly invite you to come and see the evolution of the making of your stand in cabinetmaking.

Construction stand

Step 6 : Assembly of your stand in the fair

Your project manager coordinates all the teams in situ (carpenters, electricians…). His role is to ensure that your stand is correctly built. He verifies the respect of the blueprints, of the light and coordinates the installation of the signage. He remains in situ until your arrival for the delivery of your stand.


Standiste design

Step 7 : Stocking and reassembling

Do you display your work several times a year? Or would you rather exhibit at the same fair each year? No matter which display strategy you choose, we promise a solution adapted to your needs. Your stand will be stored in our storage facility for the purpose of a reassembly at your next fairs. Thanks to our reassembly service, we can offer a price reduction from a year to another.